LeRemedi Hand Treatment  Manicure


A rich, luxurious treatment, which nourishes the skin, leaving it revitalised and silky smooth. Helps prevent premature ageing and retains the skin's elasticity. This is all natural "TLC" for the hands. Jessica polish helps nourish your nails allowing them to grow healthy and strong.


File and Polish for fingers


 Includes massage to feed the nails matrix, stimulating circulation and growth. Extra-rich, nourishing colours formulated in the most wonderful classic and fashion-aware shades.


Tiny Manicure or Pedicure


 For under 12 years old. Includes nails cut, filed and polished.


Lyco'pedi Pedicure





File and Polish for toes  


Includes foot massage with Heal Repair Cream, to super-moisturise all dry skin with the restorative power of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, a healing hero.



Jessica GELeration/Shellac

Jessica GELeration are a cross between a long lasting nail varnish, and a gel nail. 

 Jessica GELeration                                                    £24.00

Jessica GELeration/Shellac Manicure                     £38        

Soak off                                                                £5  


Callus Peel

This 15 minute four step system includes a skin softening patch that is wrapped around the bottom of the foot to soften the skin, a special scraping devices peel off the dead skin callus, followed by the third step to polish the remaining keratin. The treatment is completed by applying moisturizing cream.


£22 on it's own or £32 with file & polish

Jessica Natural Nails & Geleration Treaments