Lycon Precision Waxing


Lycon wax has caused a frenzy in the celebrity world with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller requesting these luxury waxing treatments.


There are 3 types of the famous wax, the first two are Lycon Hot Waxes & Lycodream Hybrid Wax that shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1mm. Perfect for short stubborn hair growth on any part of the face or body, this wax is virtually pain free and excellent on the most sensitive skin, perfect for Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.


The third formul is the super-gentle Lycon Strip Wax is providing extra strong grip, no skin drag and no sticky residue. This strip wax contain a special blend of natural ingredients to grip and remove hair as short as 2mm.



  • ½ Leg Wax                                 £16  

  • ¾ Leg Wax                                 £20

  • Full Leg Wax                               £25      

  • Full Leg and Bikini Wax               £30

  • Bikini Wax                                   £13      

  • Under-arm Wax                          £10

  • Lip Wax                                       £7.50        

  • Chin Wax                                    £7.50

  • Lip and Chin Wax                        £14      

  • Brazilian/Hollywood Wax              £35    

  • Braz/Holly Wax Regrowth            £27

(within 6 weeks)